Tech Mortal provides you latest information technology right at your hands. If you want to get latest of all updates about gadgets and technology visit Tech Mortal. Open Mortal Tech and grab hands over what’s new in world of social networks including Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more.
Tech Mortal is founded by Omer Abdullah, co-founded by Zubair Anwar as software engineer. We aim to provide news from all over the world at single forum. We want you to get updated all the time and find out which new gadget has entered the market, what are most interesting specs and how market is opening its arms to welcome the new.
Also we aim to provide you latest of scientific world, what diplomacies and conflicts companies are facing, what changes have occurred regarding features and list goes on. In world of social networks, we provide news about scandals any company is facing, changes in their terms of their services or trials they are going through. Find out news over the globe at Tech Mortal.
All in all it is definitely a worthy go.

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  1. Muhammad Khalid
    July 12, 2013 @ 12:53 pm

    I found latest technology news and science articles. These articles are helpful in increasing my knowledge and gain so much information which i would like to get.


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