Mexican girl dubbed “The Next Steve Jobs”

Mexican girl dubbed “The Next Steve Jobs” Mexico is a state known for drugs and poverty. But this does not mean that kids over there are incapable of competing. If anyone doubted this before they definitely will not say so now as the Mexican Heroine Paloma Noyola surprises every person by her score in National Standardized exam.
The city, lying on the borders of the United States is famous for all kinds of drug violence. Recently though, the inhabitants found a new heroine around. Though the state might not have been helpful, the young 12 years old lady, an expert, still got “The Next Steve Jobs” title in US magazine.
Paloma Noyola got the media spotlight at very first after the wired magazine. She got the cover page two weeks ago and later on clicked by international magazines. She belongs to a modest family and is the youngest among her eight siblings. The girl, as informed follows a nickname after the late founder of Apple. Not only in national newspaper, she was also seen on cable news. Here though she was reduced as “La Nina Jobs” instead of The Next Steves Jobs, where photographers and cameramen chased the girl to get a part of the story.
The Mexican girl also flew from her hometown to state of Tamaulipas where she was summoned for a mental math competition organized by technological due Monterrey. She was very delighted at the fact since it was just her intelligence to get her this far and her state did not hinder. The Tamaulipas State officials were appointed to keep press away from her as well, since she got a crowd that follows her. Noyola was very happy at the prospect of this contest and stated, “I am very happy. If you want it you can do it.” The lady sat on a large table where she was to be questioned and after the contest ended she was fluffed up, though she did not win the contest. Last year, she scored the maximum 921 in National Standardized exam and this is the best of Mexico at the moment.
The 12 year old girls’ school lie besides a dump somewhere on borders of US. The state where poverty rules and drug dealers live still has something to give to their country. The black haired girl definitely sees a future in the technology world. Her father died of lung cancer a year ago and the family has a source of income from selling scrap metals and food in the small town of Matromoros. To top it all, the city is suffering from war between the Gulf and Zetas for years.
Apparently it was Noyola’s teacher and her radical methods of teaching that helped a lot in getting Noyola the light. In the magazine story of Wired, these radical methods were detailed. Sergio Juarez, a 32 year old professional adopted a new way of teaching inspired from Sugata Mitra. She noticed that the scores of her class increased dramatically after she allowed the students to project their curiosity and find answers.

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