Open source software which can view apparently hidden video shots

Open source software which can view apparently hidden video shotsScientists from MIT have prepared open source software which can notice things usually hidden from human eye. This software can scan almost all kinds of videos from YouTube to DVDs.
What make this software so important are some facts about it which are unique from others. It is capable of recognizing blood running in veins which is simply impossible for human eye. So you can also detect heart beat of someone through this software. This software can detect minor movements like impact of storms on building, pressure over but bolts, and even slight movements of your eyes.
This software used EVM (Eulerian Video Magnification) as basic technology. Through this technology individual changes in pixels at any timeline can be observed and these changes are amplified 100x for proper view.
Human heart pumps blood which stretches veins in turn. As newly formed blood is brighter than older one so make a little change in color of skin as well. These minor changes are obviously ignored by naked eye but this software is capable of noticing change in every single pixel so nothing escapes it.
MIT researchers focused this software at newly born children to detect their heart beat and blood flow but it may also find various other applications. Also for patients who have some contagious disease can get help from this software. Manufacturers inform that this software is prepared basically for alarming systems as it can detect very minor movements. If any nut or bolt in your machine is about to drop, it can be detected.
Project head William T. Freeman claims that this software will be available for Smartphones as well which will further increase its applications. Also it can be used in Google Glass so that you have sharp detectors.
A web interface for this software is prepared by Quanta Researchers where users can upload their videos and view results.

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