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Personal information
Any personal information accessed by this site is completely private and protecting your privacy is our priority. Our site accesses your e-mail address and demographic data to provide you better experience. We do not demand any name, phone number or any kind of portfolio for our site. We do not disclose any kind of personal information to third party developer. We do not use your personal information to get any data about traffic rush at our site. The information gathered is basically used to notify you of our updates. The information is never disclosed and used other than the site developers. We can also remove your data unless you want to stay updated regarding the site.
Cookies are not used to access your IP or ISP. Cookies we receive are never disclosed to third party developers or any other external link provider. We do not share cookies. Basically we use them to simplify the software. We ensure safety at our site when it comes to cookies and only you have a privilege to change your personal information. You can also turn off cookies if you do not feel comfortable allowing them.
External Web Link
Our site uses external web links for reference to the data we provide. No information is provided to any external link provider but once you move from our site to any other web link our privacy policy dissolves as we are not responsible for any information you provide them. Our site takes no responsibility for the privacy policies they provide. The user should keep this fact in mind while changing site and is warned to watch over what any other desired site is responsible for in terms of privacy.

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