Smartpens, the digital world of handwriting.

Smartpens, the digital world of handwriting.If you miss writing with hands due to excessive typing and smart gadgets, you will surely love smartpen.
The gadget world took us far away from manual tasks. One of them is writing. We are so engrossed in typing on our mobile phones, on laptop screens and with tabs and Mac books writing is definitely forgotten. If you miss writing or if you are one such person who enjoys writing with a pen, smartpen might help you get a lot.
Writing with paper and pen is now being digitized. The latest apps that support smartpen made this easier as now smartpens will capture and edit the words written by hand. The latest app for the purpose take up the word written or the sketch you might draw with a smartpen and then enhances it and highlight it. If you want to add text or graphics you can do it as well. Not only this, the words written via smartpen can also be shared and uploaded at Dropbox or any social media or through an email or at Evernote for archiving.
The Equil Jot, a gadget or better say a smartpen for Apple gadgets, is paired up with Equil Note as an app to serve the purpose. The creators say that the real intention is to preserve the fading art of writing. Though it is obvious here that this will make writing digital as well.
The president of the Americas of Equill, Greg Appelhof is of view that best ideas generated on paper. He said that people take note of all sorts like students take them on the notebook and journalists on small notepads and the creators wanted to cover all such kinds of notes. This will entertain a large variety of people definitely. Moreover, Appelhof told about the app. When a person takes notes with the smartpen the words are captured, the app adjust the pixel and make it visible.
As for the communication, the app communicates via Bluetooth of smartpen. The receiver is fixed at the top of the paper. The position of smartpen is determined by infrared or ultrasonic waves. Not only you can write and project you writings digitally, you can also take a picture and edit it with your pen. One can also add notes to pictures if you desire. What more could be offered with one such wonderful thing.
The company however, also published another app named Equil Sketch. This also will work on IOS devices, at least for the moment. This allows artists and designers to create multilayered sketches and drawings. This involves different colors, different sketches and designs and all these things can be complimented with photoshop as well. You can also share it with social media sites if you want to.
Appelhof told that the purpose of this app is mainly to ease students and professionals. Since they have to take notes with a pen and then project it to computers. Once they have smarten they can do it all in one writing.
Livescriber recently released a smartpen called Livscriber 3 with an app Livescriber+ for IOS which can also record audio for notes. Both these apps are available worldwide online at $149.99.

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