The study reveals that texting disconnects people

The study reveals that texting disconnects peopleExcessive texting comes up with many drawbacks. As the researchers adopt various aspects of studying these side effects one of them adopted the effects of excess texting on relationships, mainly couples.
Text messages or other forms of texting have taken away life from us, at least a major part of life. Face to face interactions and communications have been directly and markedly affected, and certainly in a bad way. Though this might have proved itself helpful in certain cases but circumstances vary from one individual to another and from one couple to another.
The researchers from Brigham Young University, Lori Schade and Jonathan Sandberg studied the effects of excessive texting on already committed relations. They took 276 individuals for their research and all these people belonged to different parts of the country in order to do an extensive research. The study revealed to them that being constantly connected to each other by technology create confusions and contribute in disconnections between people.
According to researchers, the study revealed that women being connected constantly to their partners through text is directly associated with lower profile relationships. These communications effect relationships mainly done for the purpose of working out differences or to make apologies or for major decisions, text messages do not help a lot rather they might be bad for a relationship.
As for men, the studies show that too frequent messages show a low quality relationship when one might think it is a strong one. Here it must be noted that young couples and people who have been newly in their relationship text their partner a lot. This might be associated with an indication of care from the individual but the facts show that frequent messages are a low quality relationship indicators.
However, it is shown that people who express themselves through text do get a positive result. This enhances a relationship no matter from which gender the text might be sent. This means that texts sent for expression of love, care or any other positive feeling might prove productive.
It is obvious that these days technology is playing an important part in building up relationships. Though the previous trend was rather different. According to Schade, the way of texting is also effecting relations. This means using symbols, choosing the proper words and expressing yourself properly is helpful in building a healthy relation.
The participants involved in the study included all relationships. 38% of people who were part of the study were in a serious relationship with their partners. Among others, 46% were engaged and 16% were happily married, at least for the phrase. The study took in account their relationship status and then after an extensive relationship assessment the results were concluded. These questions were mainly about the use of technology in the relationships. As informed about 82% of participants were used to of texting their partners at multiple times of day.
Summing up all the conclusions, it was obvious that men send a lot of texts when they have low satisfaction in a relationship. However, a love text might be helpful in enhancing a relation.

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