26 Dollar Tab Riddle: 3 Friends Pay $9 Each, Where Did $2 Go?

26 Dollar Tab Riddle

26 dollar tab riddle is going viral over the internet for a while now. Read more to know its answer and the logical explanation behind the answer.

Getting to solve riddles, puzzles and brain teasers online is one of the many things that one can indulge in to spend their time with some productivity. While these puzzles help one develop critical and analytical skills, they are also fun to solve. Even if a person is not actively searching for riddles, they are very hard to dodge as they are present on all social media platforms.

A person often stumbles upon riddles either on WhatsApp or the riddles can be spotted online on social media platforms like Facebook. Sometimes these viral riddles may be hard to answer, but they can be both engaging and enjoyable. And since they are often challenging, people tend to spend time on them until they get the answer.

Riddles can also be a great way of training one’s mind to think outside the box. Recently a 26 dollar tab bill riddle has been doing the round on the internet. Check out the riddle with the answer and explanation below.

26 dollar tab riddle, where did the 2 dollars go?

This math riddle is breaking the internet as more and more people are sharing it with their friends and families. The riddle is a math problem and it has been leaving people mindblown. Even the savviest of soccer moms accustomed to detailed budget templates and meticulous expense tracking are having trouble wrapping their heads around this financial mind-boggler.

Three friends walked into a restaurant.

They ate food and had beverages worth $ 26.

Each friend paid $ 10 making it a total of $ 30.

The waiter came back with change of 4 dollars.

The friends asked the waiter to keep one dollar as tip.

The friends then divided the remaining $ 3 dollars among themselves.

Each got $ 1 dollar back.

How much did each friend pay?

The answer to this is- $10 – $ 1 = $ 9.

The riddle further asks:

If each friend paid $ 9 each (9*3= 27)

The waiter got $1 bill.

Where did 2 notes of $ 1 each go?

26 dollar tab riddle answer: There is no missing money.

The question seems like a math problem and has been leaving many people baffled as to where did $2 go. The trick to solving this riddle is to understand that it is not a problem at all. The riddle confuses people because of the way it is written.

So it is a simple math problem and the answer to this riddle is: There is no missing money.

  • Each friend paid $9 which makes it a total of $27.
  • Waiter took $1 dollar, which made it the 27th dollar and not the 28th dollar as written in the riddle.
  • Each friend got back $1, so that adds up to a total $30.
  • The wordplay used in the riddle is only to confuse the person solving it.

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