7th Letter In The Alphabet Riddle

7th Letter In The Alphabet Riddle

Solving fun riddles is a pass time for both kids and adults. Find the answer to one of Internet’s most baffling “7th letter in the alphabet riddle”.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, people all across the world have been left with a lot of idle time in their hands. Naturally, many are turning to the internet and enjoying this time by solving the riddles which are swarming all across social media platforms these days. Solving riddles, whether it is the one with words or the pictorial ones can be an amazing workout for the brain.

It increases a person’s problem-solving skills and even their logical thinking ability. Read this article to find the answer to one of the internet’s most puzzling riddles, “What is 7th Letter in the Alphabet Riddle?”

What is 7th Letter in the Alphabet Riddle?

“What is 7th Letter in the Alphabet Riddle?” is a word-based riddle. While at first internet users will find it ridiculously simple, however, most of the people will still get the answer to this simple one-line riddle wrong. This just proves that sometimes the shortest riddles turn out to be the most difficult ones to work out. Here is a tip to solve this riddle for all the internet users who have come across 7th Letter in the Alphabet riddle – One should simply try not to overthink it.

What is 7th Letter in the Alphabet

7th Letter in the Alphabet Riddle Answer

At first most of the people, who come across “7th Letter in the Alphabet Riddle” tend to think that the answer is “G”. Most people think of G as the answer, as most humans have a tendency to think linearly. While Linear thinking has its own benefits as it uses logic, rules, and rationality to solve a problem or in this case, a riddle. But Linear Thinking is repetitious. For solving this riddle one needs to employ Lateral Thinking, which is breaking out of the traditional approach of understanding things. Hence, by employing a different approach, 7th Letter in the Alphabet Riddle’s Answer is actually “E”.

7th Letter in the Alphabet Riddle Answer: Explained 

One gets to the answer as G when they count alphabets from A till they reach the 7th alphabet. Which is A, B, C, D, E, F, G. However, the riddle is asking the reader for the seventh letter of the word “A L P H A B E T”? Hence, the answer to What is 7th Letter of in the Alphabet Riddle?, is E. The key to solving any riddle successfully is to pay attention to details and in some cases even read between the lines. In this case in the riddle line, the reader was asked what is the 7th letter not an alphabet.

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