‘A Girl Got Killed’ Riddle Answer

Riddles are a fun way to pass time as it involves reading in between the lines and understanding wordplay. Getting to solve puzzles, brain teasers, and riddles online is one of the many things that one can indulge in and spend their time with some productivity. While these puzzles help one develop critical and analytical skills, they are also fun to solve.

Even when a person is not actively searching for riddles, they are very hard to dodge as they are present on all social media platforms. A person often stumbles upon riddles either on WhatsApp or the riddles can be spotted online on social media platforms like Facebook. Sometimes these viral riddles may be hard to answer, but they can be both engaging and enjoyable.

And since they are often challenging, people tend to spend time on them until they get the answer. Riddles can also be a great way of training one’s mind to think outside the box. There is a new riddle that is doing the rounds on social media.

What is ‘a girl got killed the killer took her iPhone’?

‘A girl got killed the killer took her iPhone’ is one of the latest riddles that is being shared by users online among their friends and family members. The riddle has left many baffled as the answer to this seems simple, but some times is hard to crack. This is one of those riddles where wordplay has a key role to play, making the riddle look hard.

Once a user understands the wordplay, the answer is very easy to find out. Check out the riddle and its answer below.

A Girl Got Killed Riddle

A girl got killed, the killer took her iphone, airpods, piano and money. What did the killer take first?

A Girl Got Killed Riddle Answer: Her life

A Girl Got Killed Riddle Solution

If a user pays attention to the wordplay in this riddle, they will be able to figure out that the several objects listed in the riddle, are actually there just to confuse the user trying to solve the riddle. The first statement reads that a girl got killed and that killer took the other objects. One needs to see that the killer, before taking the objects actually took the girl’s life first of all.

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