Bollyshare 2021: HD Bollywood and Hollywood Movies Download


As it seems, the web has appeared as one of the biggest blessings for the movie watchers. There are many platforms where movies are being streamed online. OTTs have provided an altogether different dimension. However, there is a special fan base for piracy movie sites. These sites are being preferred for downloading the movies or watching online. 

One of the biggest advantages of these sites is that they offer movies absolutely for free to be watched or to be downloaded. Though there are numerous piracy sites of such, Bollyshare is considered as one of the most trendings of all. This site has managed to grab the attention of the movie freaks upon leaking massively popular movies in the quickest period post their release on theatres or streaming platforms. 

Introducing ‘BollyShare’

Bollyshare is indeed among the most recently launched sites of its kind. It’s incredible to see the way the site has managed to establish itself in a supremely competitive scenario among the piracy sites. It has managed to grab immense traffic within a few days after being launched. Many aspects make it one of the most distinguishing of its kind sites. 

At the same time leaking most of the recently released movies, it is also quite known for its user-friendly characteristics. The site is so simple that anyone with basic knowledge of accessing the website can also do the job. Even the download task can be completed through a few mere clicks.

Not just about the movies or web series, the site is also one of the distinguishing of its kind for having access to TV shows or drama series. To be specific, the site provided access to TV shows in Hindi and English languages. The site also offers regional languages, especially the south Indian collections over their website of the best quality, i.e. in HD quality, to be downloaded absolutely for free or to be watched absolutely for free. The contents are offered in original audio as well.     

It comes up with an explicit segment for Bollywood collections, where the users can view and download the contents in Hindi, as well as in various regional languages. Noteworthy here is that no charges are applied for the user in this regard. The site provided dubbed movies in Hindi, as well as in Punjabi. There is the standard way of finding the appropriate movie from the list. At the same time, there is also the option of searching for a specific movie through the search bar provided. 

What makes stand distinct from others of its kind?

This piracy website offers movies in numerous qualities and numerous streaming options. The qualities range from 360p, 780p, 1080p, to completely High Definition. Upon providing movies, those are most recently released in such superior quality makes the site such highly reckoned across the globe. One can have access to the whole range of collections straight through the home page of their website. 

For greater convenience of the users, the site comes up with a couple of subsections along with distinct URLs. It provides contents through URLs called, and FreeMovies.wap. One can explore a huge range of collections through both these domains.  

One of the distinguishing aspects of the site is the greater level of intuitiveness that it offers for its users. Here one can communicate with the site or the site owners, and ask them to add specific movies as well. This is an incredible advantage that the users must explore. It means Bollyshare is explicit of its kind piracy site that offers such facility of interacting with the users of it. Normally the piracy sites opt for keeping things coveted. However, there is also the option for the users to select the content they would love to watch through the subsections upon visiting the site. 

Popular movies available on BollyShare website

Bollyshare is so much on-trend as it has managed to publish almost all the pirated versions of popular movies and TV shows, including the web series. One can find movie collection of almost all the reckoned Hollywood stars or almost all Hollywood blockbuster movies over the platform. 

Following are some of the highly popular movies that have been leaked over Bollyshare.

  1. Parasite
  2. Avenger Endgame
  3. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  4. The Lion King
  5. For Vs Ferrari
  6. Bird of Prey
  7. Joker
  8. Love Aaj Kal
  9. Jawani Jaaneman
  10. Dolittle
  11. Dabangg 3
  12. Pagalpanti

It’s not just about the Bollywood or Hollywood movies; the site is also quite known for leaking the contents from renowned OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ullu, Hulu, etc. One can find popular Indian shows as well.


Piracy is legal, almost nowhere around the globe. The mentioned above site is restricted in India. However, this has the least effect upon the success of the sites like these. The site has been quite strategic on this matter upon releasing contents in different domain names; be it about,, or Most importantly, the site is being visited, and the contents over here are being downloaded by people in huge numbers.    

Format of the movies

Bollyshare has managed to give tough competition to many reckoned name in piracy arena like Tamilrockers. They do come up with various codecs for having Bollywood and Hollywood movies of their choice. In general, the contents are provided herein following formats.

  1. HDRip
  1.    420p
  2.    DVDrip
  3.    1080p
  4.    DVDScr
  5.    Bluray
  6.    720p

Size of the movies available

One can have movies downloaded in the following size options.

  1. 600MB Dimension Movies
  2. 400MB Dimension Movies
  3. 1GB Dimension Movies
  4. 4GB Dimension films
  5. 2GB Dimension Movies
  6. 300MB Dimension Movies

Different categories of movies present over Bollyshare

Bollyshare has appeared as the one-stop destination for binge movie watchers in modern times. Be it about Hindi Bollywood movies, dubbed movies in Hindi, regional languages, as well as in English. Other than Hindi Bollywood and English or other Hollywood movies, the site offers contents in the following categories as well.  

  1. Telugu movies
  2. Telugu Dubbed Movies
  3. Malayalam Movies
  4. Tamil Movies
  5. Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
  6. South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi
  7. TV shows
  8. Action Movies in all languages
  9. Comedy flicks
  10. Adventure Movies
  11. Horror Movies 

How quickly a movie gets available on Bollyshare post being released?

One of the explicit aspects about Bollyshare is that here a movie fan can explore the classic old collections as well, along with the super hit Hindi recently released movies. Same is the case about Hollywood movies as well; one can explore both the classic collections and the recently released ones. 

As far as the timing is concerned, the site publishes the content over its site only within a few days after its theatrical release. Moreover, one can have these contents for streaming, as well as for download purpose. Though it is apparent that the site is a piracy site, still movie watchers in huge numbers do visit and stream and download contents.  

Distinguishing features of Bollyshare

Many aspects distinguish Bollyshare from other of its kind piracy sites. It is quite obvious for the site to possess explicit features; otherwise, it would not have been able in sustaining in such stiff competitive scenario. To be specific, the following aspects do distinguish the site from the others.  

  1. The site allows the users to download contents for free for offline watching
  2. The user interface of the site is quite simply that can be used easily by anyone with very fundamental knowledge of internet surfing
  3. Their application is supported by all types of devices used in modern times, starting from the smartphones to desktops and laptops. However, it is more popular among android users.
  4. They have employed quite a device-friendly approach for the users. The process of download puts the least impact upon the CPUs. Moreover, the size of the files downloaded is quite smaller in comparison to the files downloaded through other piracy sites. This is the reason that the site is such a favourite among so many smartphone users. The best part is that one doesn’t even need to worry about battery life and all.
  5. The site is just incredible in terms of the speed of download.
  6. One of the prime reasons making Bollyshare so much popular among the users is due to the assurance it provides for the users about bugs and viruses. Where other piracy sites do possess constant threats of such, Bollyshare provides complete assurance for the users. 

Getting started with Bollyshare

One of the foremost reasons behind the massive popularity of the site is due to its simplicity. The user interface is so simple and user-friendly that anyone can get used to with the same in absolutely no time. Anyway, for greater assurance of the users, recommended below are some of the very simple steps to get started with the site and to enjoy the contents.

  1. Firstly, it is suggested to search the name Bollyshare through a search engine as it makes things easy and quick to have access to the site and enjoy the contents of the same. Most importantly, this makes the most updated version of the site evident for the users.
  2.  Now after the site becomes evident, all that one needs is to put a click on the given link and reach over there.
  3. The next step is about downloading; here, one simply has to find the desired movie, select and put a tap on the download option to get started with.
  4. As it’s a piracy site, there remains every threat for the site to get penalised or blocked frequently. However, the loyal users of the site are very much getting access to it through proxy links. 

Why does Bollyshare often gets disappeared?

The ardent users of the site know it very well that the site doesn’t get affected through the stringent policies of the Indian government. Yes, the site gets penalised by the Indian government and gets banned or blocked. But, the loyal users of the site are very well aware of this. Hence, they either take help of the proxy sites or simply use the other latest domain names of the concerned site. All in all, one simply can’t have trust upon any specific domain of the site.    

How is it safe to use Bollyshare?

From a legal perspective, one can’t just claim that Bollyshare is a safe site as these are piracy sites. However, visiting and enjoying contents through piracy sites has become mainstream; new users are easily created. As far as safety from bugs or viruses is concerned, the site indeed is quite safe, at least comparing to many of its kind.

Is it possible to have contents streamed through Bollyshare?

Many people enquire whether Bollyshare comes up with the option of streaming and all. The simplest and most straightforward answer is ‘yes’. Those uninitiated, streaming is a mode of enjoying footages or listening to the audio contents without having to download the files for the same. In this context, Bollyshare is highly accomplishing with lowered buffering time. The best part about Bollyshare streaming is that they are coming up with an application for streaming purpose. 

Anyway, they do offer streaming services through their various websites. They do offer to stream through numerous social media channels as well. Users lacking space or those who simply don’t feel safe to download indeed do prefer about going with the download option. However, download allows one in enjoying the contents without internet.  

Legal aspects

Government of India has strict regulations against piracy. The government according to Cinematograph Act of 2019, anyone illicitly recording a movie without being permitted by the real owner can face 3 years of jail and might be slapped with a penalty amount of around 10 lakh INR. However, it seems like there are no such stringent laws for watching over the piracy sites, considering the growing popularity of sites like Bollyshare.


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