Bollystop – Worth Watching Online Movies?


BollyStop is one of the most popular download websites in Tamil Nadu, India. The movies section alone boasts about forty-two genres of Tamil movies. The site has also launched an application store that lets users access information and download videos from selected Tamil movies websites, including My Filmbox, Tamil Central, Vappella and many more.

The good thing about BollyStop is that they release new movies on a regular basis. This enables everyone the opportunity to enjoy the latest releases in the cinemas. You can search their entire movie library by genre or a specific actor and track them down according to your taste. Plus, with their easy-to-use search options you can find your favorite Tamil movie within a few seconds.

Unlike many other download sites, users at Bollystop are mostly independent, which ensures that no-one censers their work and the quality are generally above par. Many of the movies at the site are dubbed over with English subtitles. Subtitles are available for all the mainstream movies and some of the most popular international films too. Some of the download sites do offer some bonus features such as skip pause, rewind, fast forward, rewind and skip releasing, but not at all the time.

For those who need more variety, the site also offers a news section which gives you up to date information about the latest releases, the latest buzz in the movie industry and reviews from critics and Cinema Scope experts. All the downloads at BollyStop are zipped off a CD. So you don’t have to worry about uploading files or about wondering whether you’ve downloaded the right one.

Another good thing about Bollystop is its great customer service. The site offers twenty-four hour customer support at free of cost. If you encounter any trouble downloading the movies, you can always email them and they’ll get back to you. Also, they provide an extended customer service to help you with any other problems that you might face. Other than that, you can place your order online and they’ll deliver it to your house or apartment.

There are quite a few download sites on the net, but this one is pretty popular because it has all the qualities you might look for in a download site. They are fast, they are easy to use and they offer all kinds of movies. It has paid services too, if you want to use premium features then you’ll have to pay a little extra. However, for basic purposes, this site works like a charm and is definitely worth every penny.


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