EE Pay as You Go SIM

Once you have chosen your phone (and check out our iPhone range before you settle on one) our EE pay-as-you-go SIM cards allow you to connect your mobile to the UK network with 4G in a greater number of places than any other brand.

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EE Pay as You Go SIM

How does EE pay as you go to work?

EE offers several different bundles to PAYG customers. A bundle is basically an allotment of minutes, texts, and/or data that you pay a set price for and that is then valid for 30 days (though if you go over your limits you’re free to buy another bundle before that 30-day limit has passed).

Is pay as you go being phased out?

The telecoms giant announced it will ax its ‘classic’ PAYG and international sim cards for new customers, although existing ones will still be able to top up. The move comes after Virgin Media announced it would be stopping PAYG.

Does EE pay as you go expire?

When does credit expire on EE PAYG? Top-up credit on EE will never expire so long as you use some of it at least every 270 days. Packs, which you buy with a top-up, are bundles of data, minutes, and texts you buy with your top-up – these will always expire in 30 days.

Can I get an EE eSIM on a pay as you go?

Unfortunately, eSIM isn’t currently available on EE Pay As You Go or EE Flex plans. To get an eSIM on EE, you’ll need to have a normal plastic SIM card, to begin with. Once you’ve got one, you can order an eSIM to replace your old plastic SIM card.

How do I activate my EE pay as you go?

EE quick top-up.

You can set up card payment through your My EE account, by calling 150 from your EE device, or by texting ALL PACKS to 150. Please note that you will have to register a payment card with your EE account in order to activate card payments by phone or text.

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