FAU-G game launched today, find out which smartphone won’t play games, know full details


FAU-G: The launch of the Game (Fearless and United Guards) will be launched in India on January 26, 2021 on the occasion of Republic Day. The FAU-G game is believed to be the Indian avatar of PUBG. Fau-G game has been created by the Bangalore-based nCore company. Also, pre-registration of the game has started for all Android devices. Let’s say that the FAU-G game will support Android 8 and its upgraded version. Meaning if you have a smartphone with an operating system older than Android 8, your smartphone will not run the FAU-G game. In addition, fau-G games will not be available for registration for iOS-based iPhone and iPads.

The FAU-G game was announced about 4 months ago. Its pre-registration began in November last year. About 10 lakh people had registered during the 24 hours of pre-registration of the game. So far, more than 40 lakh pre-registrations have been completed. The FAU-G game was announced in September 2020 immediately after the PUBG game ban in India. The made in India game FAU-G was being considered as an alternative to PUBG.

FAU-G game won’t get Battle Royal gameplay mode. Many players will be able to play together. Such multiplayer mode will be supported recently in PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile. The first teaser of the FAUG game was shown in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh Valley, where there was a tussle between the soldiers of China and India. The teaser showed the song of the game where Indian soldiers could be seen fighting against enemies. Let’s say that the pre-registration of the FAU-G game was started from the Google Play Store.


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