How to change Origin name

How to change Origin name

Origin is a digital platform designed specifically to buy and play video games. It was launched by  Electronic Arts. This software can be accessed via PC and mobiles.

Major features of this software include easy account management, chatting and direct group gaming with other gamers along with an in-game overlay and streaming through Twitch. Also, as there are no given parameters with respect to the period of downloading any particular game, the gamer can download them several times.

Origin Account

For the sake of being able to use EA games, Origin website and Origin Store, you need to create an Origin/ EA account. This can be accessed via the desktop version of the EA App in order to save to installed games, getting software packs and content enhancement packs Earlier, Origin accounts used to differ from EA accounts, but later they were combined into one as the team of both the software now manages interchangeably.

EA is the lead game publisher, while Origin is a platform that is used by the publisher to distribute its games. So, either you play EA games on PC or console, you will need to create your own unique EA account. 

Things Needed While Creating an EA Account:

For creating an EA account for the first time keep in mind the following specifications:

  • Use an email ID that is created to particularly receive updates and notifications of the platform. Don’t provide a professional email address.
  • Another thing you require is an identification card.                             
  • Create a strong password for maintaining the security of the account. 
  • Provide your home country and exact birth date so as to get notified only about the games suitable for you.

Changing The Origin Account Username

Various gamers all across the world have unique usernames.  The Gamertag, or the in-game name defines players’ gaming persona, particularly among the other gamer friends. Gaming platforms, like Steam and Origin, allow players to choose their own unique account names for this purpose. 

Sometimes it is possible that you may get bored of having the same account name for much longer and maybe desire of having a new account name or it is might happen that you began to feel that your current name doesn’t represent your gaming personality anymore. Fortunately, certain platforms for gamers have such features of switching the older account name with the new one. 

To be able to change the name of the account, let’s first discuss how to create an Origin account.

Steps To Create an Origin Account

Anyone can get access to online gaming platforms by making an Origin account.

  1. Launch
  2. Download the required Origin account from this platform.
  3. Fill in all the essential details to register.
  4. Click ‘Confirm’.

Thus, you have your own Origin account now.

How To Change Origin Account Name 

  1. Launch
  2. Login in to your account.
  3. Hover the pointer on your profile shown at the bottom left of the screen.
  4. Select ‘View My Profile ’/or/Select ‘EA Account and Billing’.
  5. Select ‘Edit’ available on the top right side of the screen/or/ click on the ‘About Me’ tab. 
  6. Select the ‘Edit’ option located next to the ‘Basic Information’ tab.
  7. A popup table appears on the screen. To verify your account hit ‘Send Code’. 
  8. Check your mails by logging in to your Gmail account.
  9. Find the code sent by Origin to verify your Origin account. Confirm your account by filling that code into the blank at the popup table.
  10. A window with all the personal info of your account appears on the screen. Enter the new account name in the ‘ID’ section.
  11. Click ‘Save’.

Finally, you have your old account name switched to the desired new name.


Now that you know the steps to change the Origin account name to a new one you need to remember that changing the account name is possible only once in every 72 hours. So, type your account name accordingly. Also, if you’re logged-in the EA’s forums while you change the name, you may need to sign out the forums and log in back again. This is because changing account name may affect elements of your previous forum and permissions if you have the same account name for the forum too. 

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