How to donate on Twitch – Support Channels by Donating

Twitch was founded in 2011 and was initially started as a spinoff division of  It is an American platform supporting live video streaming and offering nearly everything that the viewers desire to watch, be it cooking, music, commentary on sporting events or Q&A sessions, Twitch has it all. Though Twitch was mainly created for content related to video games. Currently, Amazon has acquired Twitch. 

You can access Twitch through the official Twitch website or through the app. Creating an account on Twitch is free of cost no matter it is for a streamer or viewer. 

For getting the most exclusive benefits through Twitch, you need to switch your account to Twitch Prime. The catch here is users who are already the members of Amazon Prime account, are automatically eligible for a free Twitch Prime subscription. This can be easily done by connecting two accounts.

In order to make money on Twitch through donations, subscriptions, and ads, it is mandatory to become a Twitch Affiliate. 

You should have these to become an Affiliate: 50 followers, broadcast time should be 500 minutes within the last 30 days, Seven unique broadcast days, and an Average of at least three concurrent viewers

As soon as you meet these specifications, you are eligible to become an Affiliate and to make money through Twitch.

Once you are an Affiliate can start the journey of becoming a Partner and for that you need: Stream for 25 hours, Stream on 12 different days and Average of 75 viewers (concurrent viewership excluding hosts, raids, and embeds).

Last step is to maintain these goals for 30 days and you are subject to become a Partner.

Now, in order to support your favourite streamers, you need to donate their channel and thus encouraging them to produce better for you. Two ways to donate in Twitch are: cash (subscriptions), and Bits.

How To Donate on Twitch?

To donate follow:

  1. Login to the Twitch Website ( through a PC/mobile/tablet.
  2. Open The Channel of the Streamer you want to make a donation to.
  3. Every channel has a unique donation button. To find that Scroll Down through The Page until you find that link for the channel donation page.
  4. Click on the link. A donation tab will appear on the screen. 
  5. Fill In the Donation Details. Fill the donation amount and a donation message.
  6. Finally, Click Donate.
  7. Fill all the Payment Details in the now visible payment tab. 
  8. Click on confirm button.  The streamer to whom you have made the donation will be notified as soon as the donation process is complete.

How To Make A ‘Bits’ Donation?

Now that we are done with donating through cash, let’s discuss about donating bits. 

You can support your desired streamers by donating Twitch Bits too. You just have to buy this built-in digital currency with your real money. After this you can easily send it to your desired streamer’s channel by using the cheer command present in the streamer’s Twitch chat room. to donate Twitch bits, follow the directions below:

  1. Login to the Twitch Website ( through a PC/mobile/tablet 
  2. Open The desired Channel you want to support with bits  
  3. Click the ‘Get bits’ button given next to the profile button to purchase your Twitch bits. It must be at the top corner at the right side of the screen.
  4. After purchasing your bits final step is sending it to the desired streamer. 
  5. To donate, type ‘Cheer’ and then type the quantity of bits you want to send to the channel. For instance, if you want to donate 200 bits, type: ‘Cheer200’. And the donation is sent.


To avoid legal problems later remember that once the donation is sent it is not refundable. Also, not all streamers accept donations.

With this ends the quick roundup of donating cash or bits on Twitch. Your donations encourage the streamers as it reveals how much you like their craft. It also compels them to make better content in the future.

As for the users who are just members of the audience in Twitch, you will realize how much fun it is in engaging with a like-minded community.

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