How to evolve type null – A Complete Guide

Though Getting a legendary Pokémon can be a very tiresome task but since only 400 Pokémon are left in Sword and Shield, it is now easier than earlier as Most can be discovered and others can be traded. One such legendary normal type Pokémon is Type: Null from Pokémon Sun and Moon.

What is Type: Null Pokémon?

Type: Null is one of those Pokémon who awaits a coach to train them to battle the Ultra Beasts from Sun and Moon. It is a synthetic Pokémon as it cannot breed. It belongs to undiscovered egg group. Type: Null is genderless. Type: Null moves are very effective against ghosts. Type: Null does not have any ‘out of the box’ capabilities and neither can it change forms but is helpful in moving ahead in the Battle Tower. Type: Null is the unevolved state of Silvally. 

One of the drawbacks is that you can’t have more than one Type: Null in the entire gameplay. Even if it can be upgraded to Silvally, there is no way to get the older version back.  Type: Null is considered as legendary due to the fact that it was an attempt of recreating Arceus and also because it has transformation capabilities.

How to Unlock Type: Null? 

As you defeat Galar league, you will be titled as the region’s champion. After you become the Galar champion, you will be able to get into the Battle Tower located in Wyndon.  Here, the only way to unlock Type: Null is to ask the female NPC standing on the left side of the entryway of the location of Type: Null Pokémon. Then she will give you the Type: Null.

What is Silvally Pokémon?

Silvally is the evolved state of the Type: Null. It is a normal type too. Silvally’s moves are slightly different from the Type: Null. This Pokémon can change its type which is on the basis of its memory holding capacity. This adaptive capacity is very effective against most enemies. The memory types that can be adopted by a Silvally during evolution are Steel, Ice, Poison, Rock, Fighting, Bug, , Ground, Grass, Ghost and many others. 

After picking one of the memory discs, the Silvally becomes the one adopted by it. The form taken by Silvally is not changeable. The best types of Silvally Pokémon are Flying, Fairy and Electric. The memory type picked by the Silvally decide its move set. Until it adopts the memory and its move sets, it is of no significance. 

How to Evolve Type: Null to Silvally?

In order to evolve the Type: Null to Silvally, you compulsorily need 220+ Happiness/Friendliness estimation with the Type: Null. To get maximum Happiness/friendship estimation in Pokémon Sword and Shield, one should utilise the Pokémon camp. The prominent strategies for making the evolution process faster are using soothe bells and cooking curries for it. The friendship would reach to quite a sufficient estimation after a few curries. Other things which will accelerate the process are feeding it, winning fights or simply enjoying with it in a party for hours.

All this will easily evolve the Type: Null into Silvally. Later, to expand the friendship, you can get help by doing the following:

  • To double friendship measure won by a Pokémon after the completion of specific tasks give the Type: Null a soothe bell.
  • Strolling around with the Type: Null for hours in any party will grow the friendship level in every 128 steps taken by it. 
  • Levelling up helps in increasing the friendship.
  • Type: Null ’s friendship can be enhanced through feed vitamins or berries to enhance friendship. 
  • Take the Type: Null to Konikoni city located on Akala Island to ask a hula dancer to give a lomi lomi massage to it. The dancer will massage only once a day.
  • Buy products for Type: Null from a friendship cafe. 
  • Type: Null to Isle Avue for a hot spring and give Poké Beans for food. This will gradually enhance the friendship level. Remember not to leave the Type: Null in the hot spring for more than 24 hours or the friendship will begin decreasing.


Now that you know all the major inputs about Type: Null and Silvally and how to evolve Type: Null into Silvally, go back and catch all the shiny Pokémon missed amidst battles and quests. Sword and Shield, with tons of content within it, is still being played by people all over the world. Legendary Pokémon has always held some the attraction for the players due to their unique battle move sets and Type: Null is no exception.

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