How to get to developer options on S7

How to get to developer options on S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 developer is an option in settings that allows app developers to test the apps in the device under the simulated environment in Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The recent editions of the Android device have some complicated settings. It has some very frequently used background compatibility also added to the developer settings. For example, Limited usage of RAM apps can be tested with it. Most Android devices do not require developer settings at all. 

Are Galaxy S7 developer options needed? Most Galaxy S7 and S7 edge users do not require the developer settings. Galaxy S7 developer settings do not sort any problems in the phone issues. Some settings of the Galaxy S7 developer may cause trouble in the performance or the functioning of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The Galaxy S7 developer options would be required only if – the person is an app developer to test the apps on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, to force the RTL layout, to adjust animation speed or turn off animations when opening apps, to enable USB debugging to use the ADB commands if the person wants to maintain the mobile data on if the user wants to maintain his or her screen on when it is connected to get charged. In such situations, the Galaxy S7 developer options would be required.

How to get the Galaxy S7 developer option?

These options or settings are hidden in the device, it cannot be found in the settings unless the user enables it. So, the steps to enable the developer options are as follows: 

  1.    Firstly, the user will have to go to the settings in the device, it can be accessed from the home screen or apps screen, or the notification panel. 
  2. Go all the way down in the settings to the “About Phone” option, click on it. And go to the “Software info” in the options. 
  3. On this Software Info page, the user has the ability to build a number entry. The user will have to put their entry 7 times, and after the 3 taps, a heads-up notification will show on the screen stating how many more times the user has to tap in order to become a developer. 
  4. The user will have to tap the number of times mentioned in the notification bar, and then it would show as “the developer mode has been turned on”. 
  5. Once this message has been received the user will have to check the developer options by going into the settings. 

Now, the user is a developer and can use the developer settings in the Galaxy S7 device. The developer options can organize or fix the few categories of troubles in the device, and those are as follows: 

  1. Take up bug reports 
  2. The developer can set the desktop backup password.
  3. The screen can be kept awake all the time. 
  4. In some of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge devices, the bootloader would be unlocked but it would get locked again after 2-3 reboots. 
  5. The user could get the running services, but it is recommended that if the user does not know how to work a running service it is better not to try it in any way. 
  6. USB debugging is possible through this. The location app can be mocked, the attribute inspection can be viewed and the sizes can be buffered for logging. 
  7. It can show the touches and pointer locations. 
  8. It allows the WIFI roaming scan, Wi-Fi verbose logging, etc. 
  9. It would show the screen updates, layout boundaries, force the RTL layout, window animation scale, transition animation scale, animation duration scale, and simulated secondary displays. 
  10.  It can prevent USB audio routing. 
  11.  It can be monitored in strict mode. 

If the person is a normal phone user and not a developer, then the person has to be careful while trying these things out. The person has to make sure he or she goes through a monitored lot of research before going ahead with the developer settings. The user should keep in mind that all these developer options would be available on the full–factory reset if the person goes past the point with no return. 

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