Impact of WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy: New Users Flooded in Signal and Telegram


In the wake of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, Elon Musk tweeted and advised his fellows to use the app Signal focusing on privacy. After that, many more veterans asked people to use WhatsApp leave Signal. This has now led to a big jump in the number of downloaders who downloaded the Signal app. If you’re using Signal or Telegram, you’ll also be seeing that dozens of your contacts are slowly signing up to these messaging apps.

At 5:26 a.m. on Saturday, Signal tweeted that the app had been ranked first in the list of top free apps on the Apple App Store in India, Austria, France, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

The increase in the new sign-up for the signal was obviously so large that users on some networks were delaying to get verification codes. Musk tweeted on Thursday, advising people to use the Signal app. With this small advice from the richest man in the world, the signal took a barrage of new sign-ups and overloaded servers.

The WhatsApp opponent confirmed it on Twitter. The developer wrote that there is a delay in sending verification codes to network providers due to a sudden surge in sign-up.

This signal is the golden keys for the app, where the app can increase its userbase, as WhatsApp is currently facing criticisms due to its new privacy policy. Let’s say that WhatsApp has altered its policies and these changes are not safe for the user’s personal data. According to the policy, it will now be mandatory to share data with Facebook, but WhatsApp has now clarified that privacy policies are unchanged for users. Changes to the new privacy policy are for business account only.

In addition to Musk, Edward Snowden also recommended the signal. One user asked why they should trust the signal. In response to which he wrote “Here’s a reason: I use it every day and I’m not dead yet.”

Signal is an open-source messaging app, focused on privacy and used by many large institutions, including journalists, security experts worldwide.


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