‘Knee Light Light’ Brain Teaser Is More Difficult Than You Think

The ‘knee light light brain teaser’ is one of the internet’s most baffling riddle. Read on to find out the explanation and answer to this riddle.

we all find ourselves working or studying remotely. While remote work can be hectic in its own right, it can still leave people with extra time in their hands. While the majority of the world today turns to OTT platforms to pass this free time, solving riddles can be great fun as well. Although solving riddles is not the first thing that will come in people’s minds when thinking about entertainment, numerous riddles are swarming the internet these days.

Solving riddles and brain teasers whether the one with words or the pictorial ones can be an amazing workout for the brain. They help a person in developing their problem-solving skills but also logical thinking ability. Riddle and brain teasers are forwarded in WhatsApp messages and on almost all social media websites. Read on to find the answer to one of the internet’s most puzzling riddle or a brain teaser of sorts, ‘knee light brain teaser.’

Knee Light Light brain teaser

The ‘Knee Light Light brain teaser’ has left most people who have come across it perplexed. It has definitely become the internet’s new fascination. But it’s not your usual run in the mill riddle. It is actually a Rebus riddle. For the uninitiated, a Rebus puzzle or riddle is basically a picture puzzle. They are one of the hardest to get through, here’s why.

A Rebus Riddle is formed by using common words or phrases and have an inadvertently hidden meaning. Hence, that is why the ‘Knee Light Light brain teaser’ which is essentially only four words is such a brain scratcher. Here’s the Knee Light Light brain teaser answer.

Knee Light Light brain teaser

  • According to a riddle website briangle.com, the real meaning behind Knee Light Light brain teaser is “Neon lights.’” Another popular rebus puzzle is the ‘1knows’ puzzle. Here some other rebus puzzles.

1 knows

According to briangle.com, the real meaning behind 1knows is ‘Won by a nose.’‘By a nose’ is an English phrase that means to win by a very narrow margin.

Right Right Brain Teaser

The Right Right Brain Teaser is another such Rebus puzzle. It means right equals right, which in turn means Equal Rights. This brain teaser has a bit of a social message packed inside of it and many netizens might find this very endearing.

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