Old Video Games That Today’s Kids Laugh At


For some generations, gaming days are far behind them. Once upon a time, almost two decades ago, joy in many homes was filled with PCs with configurations that were the altars worshiped by the kids of the time and that were, after all, the technology madness in the 2000s. Let’s say that current phones are at least 50 times faster than those old computers. The big rattling boxes fell into oblivion after a few years.

It used to be perfectly normal to spend hours and hours playing popular games on a computer, but today, when there’s a PlayStation 5, a joystick, and a 4K TV, the older generations can only wonder how far technology has come. Still, we can’t shake the impression that today’s kids would scream with laughter if they played some of the once-favorite games because today they are fascinated by the new God of War and Zero Horizon Down, not to mention video games that have grown into competitions around which serious money is spinning, which are watched by thousands of people live, and on the offer of the best eSports bookmakers found here.

Of course, now we should write that today’s children have no idea and do not appreciate the ingenuity that paved the way for what they play today, but we will not do that because everything changes in the blink of an eye. We are sure that among you who read this, there are those who remember these technological and narrative extravaganzas in the period from 2000 to, let’s say, 2004.


Action and shooter made by Bungie studio was quite a challenge to get to the end. 

Oni is inspired by manga animated films and a dystopian future in which, of course, everything is dark as it gets.

Clive Barker’s Undying

We are not exaggerating if we say that Clive Barker’s Undying was BioShock before BioShock. 

The story of a military veteran who, after the First World War, received a letter from his friend from the trench, Jeremiah, who asks for help because something very unusual is happening in his family house. Family members passed away under mysterious circumstances and Jeremiah’s siblings return to take him to the grave.

Undying could have hardly be played with lights off in the room…

Soul Reaver 2

Poor Raziel… 

One of Kain’s vampire guards and servants was thrown into the abyss due to jealousy and huge wings, but the old gods made sure to raise him from the dead (though technically he is already dead) to avenge his creator Kain. On his thorny path, he gathers the souls of his enemies.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

In 2001, Wolfenstein Castle was a visual extravaganza. 

It is ridiculous by today’s standards, but an alternative version of World War II and SS units engaged in paranormal activities entertained us madly 20 years ago.

No One Lives Forever

A satirical and comic version of James Bond told from the point of view of the cynical Cate Archer who has her hands full after the Cold War.

Ingenious, simply ingenious…

Tomb Raider 4

This was supposed to be the last adventure about Lara Croft because the famous heroine eventually remains trapped in a tomb from which there is no way out. 

Of course, after The Last Revelation, a sea of adventures of Lara Croft was published, but back then we were all sad that after two weeks of torment and solving puzzles (there was no YouTube tutorial on how to pass the level then), Lara died.

Silent Hill 2

The only pity is that Silent Hill 2 has never been screened (there is a film based on the first part and it is horrible). A fantastic psycho-horror story about James Sunderland returning to Silent Hill because of a letter he received from his wife inviting him to meet again at their favorite place, with the fact that his wife was dead a long time ago.

The psychological game of James and Silent Hill, which is a kind of purgatory for sins, is a manifestation of all the thoughts and bad actions of the main character. Perhaps the best horror game ever.

Sims 2

If there is one thing people like, it is to play God. In Sims, you are a God. You create people, you control their lives, you watch them grow, learn, develop, and die. You can make them good, bad, sad, or happy. 

This is one of those games that is played for months and never gets bored.

Evil Twin

Rarely has anyone known or heard of Evil Twin. The combination of Rayman and American McGee’s Alice about an orphan Cyprien who, after a birthday party at an orphanage, casts a curse on his friends and goes into a parallel dimension of the Underbad where he can change shape in the style of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

A very complex, fun, and fantastic story about children’s imagination.

Max Payne

Max Payne was a kind of technological revolution because it brought a bullet time effect inspired by the Matrix that was rampant in cinemas at the beginning of the 21st century. 

The story of the failed police officer and all the troubles that befell him after the murder of his wife and child through a comic way of storytelling was the biggest obsession in 2001.

Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2

Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 is Lara Croft on steroids. 

The game based on the animated film of the same name follows Julie and an endangered planet that is attacked by an old uninvited guest.

Freedom Force

A tactical RPG in a world of superheroes trying to save Patriot City. 

This was more of a game for those who have patience and who like to figure out a way to pass the level.


A war strategy in which pigs and rabbits are in conflict. Piglets have a German accent, and rabbits have a French accent. In the style of the Second World War, the warring parties are squabbling over carrots and acorns.

Considering the content of the game, you wouldn’t believe that the game was so demanding that it always froze the computer no matter how good it was.


This space strategy was the pinnacle of visual production in its time. 

A few years ago, a re-mastered version of Homeworld was released that was adapted to today’s standards.

Post Mortem

A point-and-click adventure about the gruesome murders in Paris. 

It is damn complicated, there are a million characters who are each involved in bizarre murders in their own way, but the ending and twists are brilliant.

American McGee’s Alice

And last but not least – for many, forever favorite Alice. A distorted version of Lewis Carroll’s story. After the death of her parents, Alice ended up in a mental institution. Multiple mental illnesses bring her back to Wonderland. However, there is no colorful world waiting for her, but a literal horror. 

The Cheshire Cat speaking in the voice of Anthony Hopkins in “The Silence of the Lambs”, a rabbit with a mutilated face, a creepy dragon Jabberwock, and the Red Queen sending her servants after Alice. She fights with a huge knife, razor-sharp playing cards, demon dice, croquet mallet, fur tuft exploding after jumping out of the box, and the ice stick. Pure ingenuity.


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