Remote Learning Tools That You Need in 2021


Education is a vital part of any person’s life. Not only does it teach you about the necessary concepts that need to make your way through life but also helps you grow as the best version of yourself. That being said, people are no longer restricted to learning within the walls of their classrooms.

Thanks to the advent of technology, we have been introduced to new concepts such as virtual classrooms, remote learning, and customized learning. All one need today is a high-speed internet service like Suddenlink internet and the rest is sorted.

Anyway, we thought to bring you some of the best tech tools that you can use to learn as much as possible in the most convenient manner possible. Let’s have a look.


Encouraging little children to learn is not an easy task at times. With your office work, house chores, and personal lives, the task of teaching your child at home can be somewhat demanding. This is where Symbaloo comes to the rescue.

Symbaloo is a phenomenal tool for all parents as it allows children to access all sorts of educational platforms with the help of kid-friendly symbols. Your child will not have to memorize or type up complex URLs for the educational material, instead, a simple click on the button will open the gates to limitless learning. This tool is capable of teaching your child about various aspects of life, such as general knowledge, current affairs, mathematics, languages, and so much more.


Remind features a simple yet effective platform that promotes communication and updates among teachers, students, and their parents. The tool also supports more than 50 different languages to support people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds.

The app removes any and all inconveniences when it comes to communicating your messages to the concerned party. With a direct line of communication established, it allows users to convey important messages on time without any misunderstandings.


When you are at a remote location and taking part in a study session, acquiring feedback on your work can be quite time consuming, and can be even confusing at times. Floop allows students to gather specific feedback from their teachers, so they can work on concerned areas without wasting any time.

Students have to upload pictures of their work on the platform, highlighting any areas that they might have queries about. Once a teacher reviews their work, they can point out all the mistakes that a student may have made and even submit any additional comments below for further clarification. This loop may be repeated indefinitely until a teacher and student can meet at a common conclusion.


If you are a part of a study situation where a teacher needs you to go about the town for completing your assignment such as a scavenger hunt, the GooseChase app is perfect for you. The app combines the power of text, photo, video, and GPS all into one helpful app.

In the case of acquiring an item, a student can easily upload a photo or video of the object and with the help of the GPS, teachers can easily monitor students’ progress. The app best serves its purpose for team bonding activities, thus creating a fun and productive experience for all.


This is another great tech tool for preschoolers but is also beneficial for students of classes up to grade 12. The tool offers an exceptional digital platform for students and teachers alike where they can share their work with the other party for review. Even parents would find it highly useful as they would have a direct means of communicating with their children’s teachers.

Teachers can even schedule activities for their students at their convenience, which students can perform and then submit on the deadline. This creates a convenient mechanism for both student and teacher as it does not require real-time communication all the time.


We come across people from all sorts of backgrounds. More often than not, people have trouble communicating in the English language. TalkingPoints tool is designed to take care of this very problem.

The tool features a built-in automatic translator, allowing teachers, students, and their parents to communicate with each other without any language barriers whatsoever. They can convey any and all messages as it also provides one of the simplest interfaces available.


When you are at your home and you have a query, you cannot convey your message that easily as you can in a physical classroom. Screencast-O-Matic helps you to some extent as it enables you to record and share your computer screen with concerned parties.

Any time, you have a confusion regarding your work, you can easily share your computer screen with your teacher and they would be able to see for themselves where you are facing difficulties. In case of further hurdles, a student can also grant a teacher control of the cursor on their screen, and allow them to explain the solution in a better way.

All in All

When it comes to educating yourself or your children, no effort goes to waste. With the help of the apps and tools and mentioned above, we are confident that you will have a great remote working experience. Just remember to get yourself a high-speed internet connection from Buytvinternetphone for a lag-free experience.


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