The Best Applications for Learning and Improving Foreign Languages in 2021


The moment we found out last year that we would spend some time in isolation, everyone made a plan for themselves what they would do in that period and many optimistically promised themselves that they would finally deal with all those things they didn’t have time for. Cleaning, exercising, working on yourself, learning or perfecting various skills… A year later, how much of that did you really fulfill? 

But, hey, don’t feel guilty about it or worry if you weren’t as productive as you first imagined – it was a challenging situation for everyone and the absolute priority was to maintain mental health. And now, when the end of everything is in sight (we want to be optimistic), when you have calmed down and got used to the situation, maybe now is the time to deal with what is on your to-do list. If one of these items is learning a new foreign language or improving the one that you have already learned, below you will see some of the best apps to help you do this type of remote learning.


Certainly, this is the most famous application for learning foreign languages, and also certainly one of the best. Duolingo makes learning a language extremely easy thanks to fun ways to present concepts and tasks. Learning is personalized and winning coins and opening new levels makes you constantly motivated to learn and progress. Interestingly, tests have shown that 34 hours of using this app brings results as if you were learning a language during one semester in college. So, it is worth a try because very soon afterward you will be able to use a language you chose to learn in order to read, make small talk, inform yourself online of various things (if you are a passionate gambler, you can play on great online casinos listed by the link whose websites you skipped because you didn’t know their languages) on it. 

The Duolingo application is in English, and there are as many as 35 languages on offer that you can learn, among others – Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Swedish…


This application, whose motto is “Talk to the World”, offers a unique way of learning a foreign language. Namely, the point of the application is to connect with people whose mother tongue you want to learn in order to learn and improve your communication skills from native speakers. The interesting thing about this application is that language learning is mutual, that is, your ‘teacher’ may want to learn the language you speak so that the exchange would be fair and correct. That is why this application allows learning over 100 foreign languages.

HelloTalk makes language learning as easy as correspondence, and in addition to classic text messages, voice messages, audio, and video calls are also available. The modern approach, no doubt.


If the Duolingo app teaches you through play and fun, just wait to see Mindsnacks. This app is literally made up of games that are so hilarious, fun and charming, and teach you both vocabulary and the grammar of your desired foreign language just as well. We bet you will never be bored to practice the language you want to learn or improve again.

Unfortunately, this game is only available for iOS devices, and there are several languages available to you – Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, and Japanese.


This application is available both on mobile phones (Android and iOS) and on the web, and through it, you can learn any of the 12 most popular languages. 

You learn the language through various exercises, and a very useful segment of the application is that you get feedback from native speakers, which definitely contributes to your knowledge and learning.


Since this app is considered paid version of Duolingo’s brother, it is clear to you that you can expect similar results. Surveys have shown that users have significantly improved their language skills in just two months with Babbel. There is also a free version of the app, but it only offers 40 exercises.

Each exercise begins with vocabulary exercises that are accompanied by pictures, and the learning is adapted to your current level of knowledge. You can choose from the following languages – Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Danish, and Russian. If you start learning a language and then stop for a while, the app allows you to continue where you left off.


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