Top 15 Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed in 2021


According to a study published online by, there are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide as of January 2021. We share the guilt of being glued to our mobile phones in accessing the internet to over 92.6% (4.32 billion people) of this total number.

In accomplishing our daily tasks of attending video conferences, filling up online forms for different transactions, or even recreational activities like streaming videos and scrolling through social media, we rely on the internet. We do not just want the internet; we want fast internet. Terms like “Connecting…,” “Your network is unstable,” and “Internet not found” put a huge frown on our faces. Luckily for other countries, these turtle net problems are rarely encountered by users.

Based on the findings of Ookla, the global average internet speed has increased from 85.73 Mbps (September 2020) to 96.98 Mbps (January 2021). The mobile internet speed has also risen from 35.96 to 46.74 Mbps given the same timeframe. These average figures are expected to grow even higher given the continuous advancement in technology.

The list of countries with the fastest internet speed in 2021 based on Ookla’s calculations is spearheaded by Singapore, with an average broadband speed of 226.6 Mbps. Second on the list is Hong Kong, followed by Romania, Switzerland, and Thailand. The USA grabs the 10th spot with a speed of 161.14 Mbps.

Ranking Country  Average Broadband Speed Average Mobile Speed
1 Singapore  226.6 60.52
2 Hong Kong 210.73 50.96
3 Romania 193.47 40.35
4 Switzerland  178.81 64.1
5 Thailand  175.22 34.38
6 France 173.05 49.82
7 Denmark  162.08 63.86
8 Monaco 162.06 N/A
9 Hungary 161.51 44.52
10 United States of America  161.14 47.13
11 Spain 157.22 39.03
12 Liechtenstein  156.94 N/A
13 Sweden 156.34 53.13
14 South Korea 155.39 121
15 Macau  154.57 53.3


More about the top 5 countries


Singapore, tagged as Southeast Asia’s “Lion City,” prides itself on its modernity, security, and economic stability. With 226.6 Mbps of average broadband speed, it has been a one-way trip destination for tech-savvy entrepreneurs. If you want to permanently live in Singapore, you may want to start researching the entrepreneurial investments they are offering.

Hong Kong

Known as “Asia’s World City,” Hong Kong is famous for the luxury shopping experience that it offers. But, there is more to Hong Kong than the glamorous city that it is. In fact, Hong Kong is becoming a technology hub, housing the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and Cyberport which hosts over 1,000 technology companies. This is all powered by the country’s average broadband speed of 210.73 Mbps.


With 193.47 Mbps of average broadband speed, Romania is one of the best countries in the world where working remotely is not a stressful experience. If you are a digital nomad thinking of moving to another country, Romania is a place to consider given its blazing internet speed and affordable living expenses. Starting a business in Romania can also save you a fortune because it is a place where you can easily find inexpensive and skilled workers.


Switzerland was once labeled as the “Silicon Valley of Robotics.” The country is known for its contributions to scientific and technological advancements. Offering an average broadband speed of 178.81 Mbps, Switzerland houses quality infrastructure for business and industrialized technology, making it a hotspot for high-achieving entrepreneurs. 


Thailand is proving its pseudonym, “Land of Smiles” as it provides its citizens with an average broadband speed of 175.22 Mbps. It is another must-go place for digital nomads as big companies start to experiment with possible uses of technology, specifically in agriculture. Living permanently or starting a business in Thailand is a different concern that requires many factors other than fast internet speed, so you may want to look more into that.

Countries with the slowest internet speed

On the flip side, countries with the slowest internet speed include Greece, Croatia, Kosovo, Georgia, Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ranging from 20 to 50 Mbps, the average broadband speed in these countries would make anyone furious. 


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