What is SWF file? How to open SWF files on mac

SWF files are usually a challenge for MAC users as SWF files are not supported by the MAC series. Nevertheless, there are several ways available to open the .swf file on MAC. Some of them are given below. 

What are SWF files?

SWF expands to Small Web Format because it includes files that are all compressed to make it convenient to share them through web, safely. Initially, Macromedia was the creator of SWF file but later on it was bought by Adobe. Though certain non-Adobe programs also produce such files, this extension is mainly associated with Adobe flash which may contain multimedia files containing media files, app files, graphic work, interactive texts, or documents. And are used to deliver them over the web. These files are also used for online games. Windows won’t automatically play these files without a supported player because Flash is being phased out. So, here are some online and offline ways to help you with it using MAC.

To Use Swf Files Through VLC

  • Download VLC media player for your MAC.
  • Click on VLC media player.
  • Drag and drop the files into the VLC media playlists.
  • You can now easily open the .swf files on your MAC.

To Use SWF Files through Browser

You need to use the Adobe Flash player extension plugin for this. Also, to open the .swf file on MAC, you require a browser that supports adding extension.

  • Find the Flash player extension manually in any supporting browser.
  • Install the Flash player plugin
  • Drag and drop the SWF file into the web browser.
  • Play the file.


  • Prefer Cloud Flash Player and Puffin for plugins.
  • You can install plugin via Chrome by adding Adobe Flash player through Chrome Web Store.
  • Since Most modern web browser does not support Flash Player plugin due to certain reasons. So, avoid using this method and go for the others. 
  • Also, as for security reasons, it is not recommended to install Flash so prefer using it sandboxed within a browser app only.
  • It is not advised to install Flash in Safari on MAC as it has risks involved with it.

By using Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is preferably used for playing different Flash files on MAC as it’s very easy to use.

  • Download Elmedia Player.
  • Set controls using the plenty of options given in the player by default.
  • Play the downloaded SWF media or browse to check online videos using the inbuilt web browser app.

The advantages of using this player are it’s lightweight and safe. Though the free version’s functionality is limited.

SWF media player

This too is a free software and is specifically designed for playing SWF media for MAC. 

  • Download SWF media player.
  • Play the files effortlessly.

It supports basic controls like increasing the speed, rewinding, viewing previews, creating and managing playlists, zooming and setting video quality. You can take captions during the videos too. It works easily on old systems. The only disadvantage is it Might not support a new OS.

Macgo free MAC media player

This app is made in particular to solve the concern of playing SWF files on MAC. With a compelling user interface, the video quality can be set as high 1080p, HD, and DTS5.1 Though it does not recognize built-in subtitles but it does support the external subtitle files. Major advantages of using Macgo player are: firstly, it is a free app and secondly it has a sharing function. Though it does not support old versions of MAC.


Apart from the few ways revealed above there are Several other players (like the wimpy player) available. Try Converting files from SWF to other extensions for using apps like Adobe Animate. Also, since it is susceptible to viruses and hacks avoid using Flash. Prefer other ways. And enjoy seamless results.

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