WhatsApp Privacy Policy: WhatsApp delayed new privacy policy after users outrage


The company has decided to postpone it after strong criticism of whatsApp’s new privacy policy worldwide. Recently, the WhatsApp had updated its privacy policy with the intention of increasing its business. The WhatsApp app has said that no user’s account will be suspended on February 8 for not adopting a new privacy policy.

WhatsApp users received a notification this month stating that the company is formulating new privacy policies and policies. Under this policy, some data of users of the instant messaging app owned by facebook is to be shared with Facebook. It was then sparked organically around the world and users began to switch to privacy messaging apps like Telegram and Signal.

The WhatsApp app said on Friday that the new policy will now be launched in May instead of February. The updated policy focused on the fact that users could message with the business account and this does not affect personal conversion. The end-to-end encryption will remain intact in personal chats. “This update does not increase our ability to share data with Facebook,” WhatsApp said in a statement. ‘

The company said, “Not everyone buys on WhatsApp right now, we think more users will be shopping on WhatsApp in the coming time and people need to know about these services. ‘

Facebook has been rolling out business tools on WhatsApp for nearly a year. The company aims to increase revenue from platforms like high-growth WhatsApp and Instagram. Let’s say facebook acquired the WhatsApp app for $19 billion in 2014 but the company has been slow to monitor it.

Tell you that some personal data of WhatsApp users, including the user’s phone number and IP address, is already shared with Facebook. “We are not aware of who is making messages or calls,” the WhatsApp app said in its statement. We can’t even see the location you’ve shared, nor do we share your contacts with Facebook. ‘



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