WhatsApp User Privacy Again At Risk, These Private Groups Available On Google, Anyone Can Join


WhatsApp’s new privacy policy controversy did not calm down that it has already revealed a big reveal about WhatsApp user’s privacy. WhatsApp Group can be seen once again in Google search. Anyone can search these WhatsApp groups on Google search and connect to these groups. Such a privacy flaw was first reported in the year 2019. However, it was fixed after the dispute. However, once again, such a case has come to the fore where WhatsApp user’s profile picture, phone number can be seen on Google search.

We can send group chat invite to Google. There are many private WhatsApp group chat invite on Google Search. Anyone can access it. The group can be joined with this link. The mobile number of the people can be search here. There are about 1,500 group invite in Google search. This is not the first time when such a case has come up. Earlier in November 2019, WhatsApp group chat invite was seen on Google search, which is a major flaw in the user’s privacy and security.

Double pressure on the company

Let’s say WhatsApp is now under suspicion over its new privacy policy. As a result, the user is constantly declining from its platform and connecting to messaging platforms like user Signal. The Signal app is being described as more secure than WhatsApp. In the meantime, the WhatsApp group’s link page on Google search and the privacy leaks have led to double pressure on the company.


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