Where is the Bidding Room Filmed?

Where is the Bidding Room Filmed

Where is the Bidding Room Filmed? The Bidding Room is filmed in West Vale, near Halifax in Yorkshire, at the Andy Thornton showroom. The program itself describes the stunning location as “a wondrous old mill, deep within the rolling hills of the Yorkshire countryside.”

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Where is the Bidding Room Filmed?

What town is the bidding room filmed in?

West Vale.
Filmed at the Andy Thornton Showroom, Victoria Mills, in West Vale near Halifax, a group of expert dealers will attempt to outbid each other to buy extraordinary items brought in by the public.

Is the bidding room filmed in Hebden Bridge?

The show is filmed in Yorkshire at the Andy Thornton showroom in West Vale near Halifax. The setting is described in the program information as “a wondrous old mill, deep within the rolling hills of the Yorkshire countryside”.

Is the bidding room real?

The show is filmed in West Vale near Halifax in Yorkshire, with the bidding all taking place at the Andy Thornton Showroom. Normally the space is used as a showroom for a contract furniture business, with the company supplying restaurants and pubs with furniture, lighting, metalwork, and antiques.

How can I get into the bidding room?

Those interested in applying for the show, can call directly on 01273 22480 or apply by filling out an application form here. The show is looking for “prized antique, a collectible or anything else you think is desirable”.

Who are the bidders in The Bidding Room?

The Bidding Room: Dealers
  • James Broad.
  • Jane Cave.
  • Natasha Francis.
  • Adrian Higham.
  • Ian Humphries.
  • James Gooch.
  • Moses Otunla.
  • Lucy Ryder Richardson.

How does The Bidding Room work?

The BBC show sees a range of people enter the bidding room, bringing along with them some of their most intriguing possessions to be valued by an expert. Once valued, the hopeful sellers then face five dealers who then bid against each other to purchase the item.


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