Which city is better to live in: Toronto or Vancouver?

Toronto or Vancouver

A question that shakes most of the Canadians and is asked by most outsiders is: 

Which is better…Vancouver or Toronto?

Both are great for holiday destinations or for permanent residential intentions. Both are filled with diversity, are multicultural, and have a fast-paced lifestyle. The two most beautiful cities of Canada represent a true cultural mosaic and are filled with lights.

But when it comes to choosing one of them, even the great philosophers with vast knowledge of diversity and places are left baffled. 

Here we will talk about these two places and compare the lifestyle of these and try to make this decision a bit easier, on the basis of four parameters:

  • Weather
  • Size and attitudes
  • Cost of living
  • Diversity and culture


With a distance of 3000+ km between, the climate is one of the major differences between Vancouver and Toronto. 

The weather in Toronto is always at extremes. Winters are quite cold (around -5C), and sharp wind tunnels due to skyscrapers make it irresistible. Summer temperature, on the other hand, Toronto reaches around 27C, plus humidity. Whereas in Vancouver, there are certainly no weather extremes. In winters there is rarely any snow. In fact, Vancouver receives a great amount of RAIN. And thus, called as “Raincouver” by its residents, with nearly 165 days of rains. Even in sunny days, Due to its coastal location, the weather remains warm but not too hot (around 22C), without any humidity. The climate contrast between the two places is evident here.

Size and attitudes

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the fourth most populated city in North America with an approximate population of 6 million people, Vancouver on the other side has only has about 2.5 million. Toronto is a busy city with hard-working, fast, and business-minded people and can be considered as a more sophisticated version of New York. It can be an overwhelming place if you don’t know your way around. Vancouverites are health, more friendly, jolly and image-minded people. Though it is a big city, Vancouver has a small-town feel. It’s very walkable, i.e., most of the destinations are within walking distance. you can reach from one place to another in about 30 minutes on foot. 

Costs of Living

Not only Toronto is an expensive city to live in, Vancouver too is Canada’s most expensive city. On average, the living cost in Vancouver is 5% less than in Toronto. jobs availability in Toronto is more as many Headquarters are based here. The cost of housing is 3% more in Toronto than in Vancouver. 

Diversity and culture

Toronto is rich with a culture where more than 140 languages are spoken by the residents. Toronto has authentic eating hubs to quest all food cravings. Vancouver though diverse is not as multicultural, as Toronto. Vancouver mainly has an Asian culture. Vancouver has approximately one-third of its population as Chinese. Both cities are high on tourism and are Canada’s most beautiful holiday destinations. Vancouver is right next to the ocean and the mountains, so it’s a hub of all sorts of recreational activities. Whether it’s rock climbing, water sports, paragliding, skiing, kayaking, hiking, or just a chance to enjoy the surrounding nature, you get it all here in Vancouver.


Toronto has better nightlife than Vancouver, but Vancouverites love eating, drinking, and celebrating too. So, either you choose a hard and fast city like Toronto or a small-town vibe like Vancouver, depends totally upon the way of living you prefer for yourself or values or the culture you belong from. Both are amazing places and won’t disappoint you. Both will make an impression. But the rest depends on your vibe.

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