Why and How to Learn Chess Strategies Online?

Online Chess
Online Chess

Wondering how to keep your child active amidst this pandemic? Well, you might not be able to take them to the park or the museum, but you can definitely keep their brain cells active by engaging them in a smart yet strategic game like chess. As millions of schools are closing off because of the pandemic, parents in various parts of the globe are finding it hard to keep their kids off the TV and mobile screens. Every day more and more kids are getting addicted to gaming apps and television which is harming both their eyes as well as brain & cognitive development.

Why chess?

Instead of learning new skills and making friends, kids are becoming lazy, introverts, and secluded because of the lack of interaction with people. Chess is the perfect thing for such lost young souls due to the sense of confidence it instills in a child. Not only this, playing chess regularly even helps in developing various essential life skills that they could have learned in school otherwise. So, in the absence of a normal social life, chess is the only thing that can keep your kids away from Tv & mobile screens and help them learn something new & exciting.

But this is not all, there are countless other benefits of teaching chess to your kids, especially with the help of the online strategy-oriented courses. Let’s take a look at some of them

  • Many studies have proved the efficiency of chess in increasing the IQ of a child. This is a major reason why many parents all over the world prefer chess to boost the IQ of their child right from a young age.
  • The online chess strategy courses available these days, also contribute a lot to the development of problem-solving skills among the kids. such a skill will not only be helpful while playing various games but will also come in handy, in other areas of life.
  • Calculating multiple variations, visualizing the moves, strategizing the positions, and analyzing the opponent will definitely help your kid to improve his/her spatial skills.
  • These online chess strategy courses make both the sides of the brain work hard to memorize and visualize different moves which not only aid in brain development but also increase their power of memorizing things. Such brain exercises can prove to be extremely helpful while studying too.

Well, now that you know all the ways your kid can benefit from playing chess, it’s important to find the right teacher for him/her. But before you start looking for teachers, you need to decide on something more crucial, which is, the mode of teaching.

Online or offline?

  • Even though there are both online and offline options, most people are learning chess online these days, especially because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic. That’s not the only reason though. Even a few years back when there was no pandemic, many parents opted for online chess strategy courses only because of the quality of teaching offered there.
  • Most online chess classes hire the top players/coaches and offer multiple online chess strategy courses meant for a wide range of age groups. Especially if you want to pursue chess professionally, online classes can be the perfect platform for you to do so. In the one-on-one sessions with your coach, you can work specifically on the various ways of improving your rating, which can be a crucial element in the career of any chess player. Such personalized online chess strategy courses, as well as interactive teaching sessions, are the reasons why so many parents trust the online platforms for teaching chess to their kids.
  • All you have to do is log in to a reputed platform like Chessable and your kid can start learning online chess strategy courses anytime! At Chessable, there are multiple courses available with flexible timings and affordable rates, to ensure that everyone has access to world-class chess coaching. So, no matter what your requirements are you will always find the online chess strategy courses suitable for you at Chessable.

Learning the strategies of chess online!

In case you are trying something like this for the first time, then you need to know that there are multiple filters available on the site for you to browse the courses and choose accordingly. So, if you are wondering, how to learn chess strategy online, then just click on ‘strategy’ under the category ‘Game aspect’ and you will get access to the top-rated online chess strategy courses that will teach you how to strategize like a professional.

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You can also choose your game based on your experience level and pick a course from beginner, casual, intermediate, advanced, and expert category accordingly. It’s pretty easy, isn’t it? For more information and various other brilliant chess courses, log in to Chessable anytime!


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