Why Signal App is better than WhatsApp?


Instant messaging app Whatsapp has created an important and reliable place among users. But for some time Whatsapp has been in constant discussion and the main reason is the change in privacy policy. Which says that users will have to share their Whatsapp account personal data with Facebook. Then the richest person in the world, Elon Musk, explained that he used the Signal app, not Whatsapp. After Elon Musk’s tweets, people are constantly downloading the Signal app. What is special in the Signal app that makes it better than Whatsapp.

Elon Musk says instant messaging app Signal is the most secure app in the world. Also, signal users do not ask for personal data. Which Whatsapp is now doing in the name of privacy mediation. In such a way, people’s faith is decreasing from Whatsapp to signal.

Signal app is fully secure

The main thing about the Signal app is that it is completely secure and does not even risk users ‘ data sharing. That is, the personal data of the users remains private and cannot be shared anywhere. It also does not send unsafe backups of users to the cloud and keeps the encrypted database secure in your phone itself.

This feature is the most important feature

The main feature in the Signal app is that it has a Data Linked to You feature. After enabling this feature, no one can take the screenshats of that chat during chatting. This makes it clear that here keeps your chats completely secure.

Disappears old messages

If you look at another feature of the Signal app, it automatically makes your old message disappear. Users can set a time ranging from 10 seconds to a week. Your messages will disappear automatically during the time set. Let’s say that Whatsapp also recently introduced a feature.


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